New additions to the site - Upper Goddards Farm & "The Hambleden Magazine"

I am delighted to be able to include this new document prepared by Nigel Salsbury, the present occupier of the farm, just a short walk down Shogmoor Lane from Frieth.

Nigel thinks that the history of the property gives us "a fascinating insight into the changes that took place over the centuries in the Hambleden valley and no doubt in other rural communities elsewhere, e.g. the gradual ending of feudalism, changing security of tenure, the role of the Lords of the Manor, the growth of landed estates by local families and later by wealthy businessmen and then their eventual dismantling"
Nigel has now (Dec 2020) supplied a revised version with additional information and pictures from Oliver Burr and Kevin Sutton.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have: A History of Upper Goddards Farm ( pdf 3Mb )
Frieth man injured in terrible accident
On Monday May 18th, John Webbe of Moor Common, in the employ of E. Marjoribanks, Esq., while engaged in working the Steam Saw Mill at Greenlands, put his left foot in the way of the saw; in a moment it was severed from his body. Mr. Jeston was instantly sent for and was very shortly on the spot. He did all that was immediately necessary, and the poor man was attended to most carefully and assiduously by everyone belonging to the place, both on the farm and in the house. As quickly as possible he was conveyed in Mr. Feesey's van to the Reading Hospital where, late in the evening, the necessary operation of removing a further portion of the foot was performed. The poor man is, we are thankful to say, going on as well as can be expected.
The Hambleden Magazine June 1868.

Although, like many in Frieth, I was greatly saddened by the death of John Harris earlier this year I was pleased and honoured to be offered many of his historical records. Amongst them is a set of "The Hambleden Magazine" (The Parish Magazine) from 1868 until the early 1900s. There are notable gaps but what remains is a fascinating insight into life in the Parish in the second half of the 19th Century including headline-grabbing stories like that above!

I am still scanning but some can now be read at:  The HambledenMagazine
December 2020